John Daniel


Richard Pennington Danisa and James Mokumbela


Bibi Dawood
Helped the unions to fight for their rights in the 1960s. Member of the Committee in Withuis and Masakeni.


FW. de Klerk
Last President of apartheid South Africa. Interview sheds life on entry into politics, some of the internal aspects of the National Party, and an emphasis on the negotiations process.


Nelson Letsau Diale


Robert Diko and Khame
Diko is an ex Robban Island member and an ANC veteran who went underground after his release from the Island.

Jackson J. Dimaza
Took part in Defiance Campaign.
Chairperson of ANC in Worcester from 1955 till late 1960s. Detained in 1960.
Worked in the underground.


Mike Dingake

Senior ANC member especially
after the Rivonia arrests.


Z. Dingane


Bafana Cyril Dlamini
Born in Natal in 1936 to a politically conscious family, Bafana was recruited to join MK in 1961. In a group of 15 under the leadership of Joe Modise, he left Johannesburg and crossed into Botswana, and then left Francistown for Tanzania with a group under the leadership of General Ramano. He then left for Cairo for military training. After returning to Tanzania he became part of the Wankie Campaign.

Arrested and released in Botswana during the campaign, he joined the Ordnance Department of MK, where he was responsible for the purchase and infiltration of weapons into the country. He returned to South Africa in 1993 and joined the SANDF as a Brigadier General.


Brian Jantjie Dlamini

Sgt.Maj. T. Dlamini

Whitey Dlamini
Former PAC member


Abel Dlikilili


Geoff Doidge


Prof Fred Dube
Dube was part of the leadership of the ANC during the late 1950s and early 1960s. He was part of a group that was uncomfortable with the turn to the armed struggle, believing that it was communist-inspired. He was nonetheless arrested and sentenced to three years on Robben Island for membership of a banned organisation. After his release he left the country. He went to study and worked as an academic in the United States.


Richard Dudley


Alan Duggan
The interview sheds light on the
plight of a newspaper reporter in Cape Town during the student uprisings of


Mbuzeli Dukhumbana
Born in Port Elizabeth, he was
active in the structures of the South African Students Organisation (SASO) in
1972. The interview sheds light on the BPC influence in student politics in
PE during the 1970s.


Barend du Plessis
Barend du Plessis is a former apartheid government Finance Cabinet Minister who outlined his entry into politics, the inner working of the National Party, the nature of the economic crisis facing the apartheid state during the late 1980s, the role of the military in apartheid South Africa during the 1980s, his competition with F W de Klerk for leadership of the Party in the late 1980s, and some aspects of the negotiation process during the early 1990s in the interview.


Ambrose Dumuzolo


Mr. Nceba Dyalivani
Formed Congress in Heshele,
1980. Worked underground before he went to exile. Organiser of Hennie
Ferris’s funeral.


Mr.Wilton Dyalivani
Union member in Hextex /Textile.
1960, collector of passes for Pass Campaign. Detained 18 months which he
spent in Drankeinstein Prison. Worked underground in prison and outside until
his activities in the UDF led to his exposure.


Foliwe Dyantyi
Member of ANC Women’s League.
Her husband was a Union member at Hextex. She was also a member of the ANC.
She was a collector of passes in 1960.


Funeka Dyanti


Temba Dyasi
Mr Dyasi is an ANC veteran who
went underground in the 1960s


Rita Edwards


Ferdinand Engel

The interview sheds light on the youth cultural programmes which basically channelled the ideals of Black Consciousness in Cape Town during the 1970s.


Cecil Esau


Nceba Faku


Alie Fataar


Gilbert Fesi

The interview explores the politics of Langa in the 1950s. It touches on the life of Rev. Fesi, Gilbert’s father and his involvement in the struggle- a church minister in politics, sport and the different spheres of life.

Benson Fihla (ANC)


Alan Fine


Phineas Fisha


Rylans Fisher

The interview sheds light on the impact the June 76 uprisings had to the schools in Cape Town.


Mr MJ Fokazi


Seidi Forman

Seidi Forman is the wife of Lionel Forman, the Communist Party member who died in 1961 of heart problems. Seidi Forman went on to live in exile and remained a staunch member of the ANC. More than eight cassettes have been done.

Nick Frangos

Businessman who played an important role in influencing government decisions during the 1980s and 1990s.


Bertie Fritz

The interviewee participated in a number of youth groups in the Western Cape, the South African Scholars Association which was subsequently banned in the 1970s.

Mrs. Deborah Fumba

Member of Union, Langerberg-Food and Canning. Her husband was detained in 1960. She was active in the 1980s.

General Jannie Geldenhuys

Former Chief of Army. Largely discussion of the role of the military in Angola and Namibia.

Lennie Gentle


Mokoena Madela George


Henry Geyser



E. N. Gininda

Frene Ginwala

Gerald Giyose


Jane Gool


Fumanekile Fumi Gqiba (MK name Nquche, meaning expert).

Fumanekile Gqiba was born on 16 May 1951, in Cape Town. He later joined his father in Cape Town where he, under the guidance of Elijah Loza, a veteran trade unionist, recruited and transported young people for MK. In the early 1980s Gqiba studied Theology at the University of Transkei, and under the religious cloak he became an MK operative in the region. He later joined Hani in Lesotho and Lusaka, wherein he established the Department of Religion in 1984. He is currently a Chaplain General in the Department of Defence.


Mfanesekhaya Gqobose (PAC)


Nonceba Gqoro

Lived in Msobomvu village from 1977 and had to run away to Port Elizabeth in the late 1980s because the police were searching for him.


Johaan Groenwald

He worked from 1988 to 1999 as HR Manager at Faurecia, a motor car component firm in PE. He dealt with trade unionists and has some interesting things to say from 'the other side'.


Cyril Groep


Mrs T. Gulwa


Archie Gumede

Simon Gwabe

Themba Gwabeni


Elizabeth Nonandithi Hadi

Member of a women’s organisation known as the United Women’s Organisation (UWO) in the 1980s. Recruited and influence by her son (Malixole) to join the ANC. Her son Malixole worked as a courier for the ANC. She was detained when she attended a funeral for a political activist in Johannesburg. She was a member of the Food and Canning Workers Union, Langerberg. Attended first ANC Women’s League Conference in Durban in the 190s.

Clarence Hamilton

Former Coronationville Student Activist


Weizmann Hamilton

Eldorado Park Resident, former student activist, left-leaning Democratic Socialist Movement activist.


Ebrahim Harvey

Former Student activist.


Jessie Harvey

Former Coronationville student activist.


Lizo John Hashe

The interview focuses on the structures of the PAC-Task Force, recruitments, arrests in 1963 and detention.


Kader Hassim


Dave Hemson


Mr.Walter Henze/Menze

Henzi is an ANC veteran who operated in the Port Elizabeth area. He went underground when the ANC was banned.


Mrs Lusiza Hina

Mrs Hina is an ANC veteran who was imprisoned for her political activities


Mr S Hina


Dr DJ Hlalele


Nomvula Hlangwane


Valikho Andries Hlomela

Mr Hlomela is an elder in the village who stood by the youth when they overthrew the headmen/ izibonda in 1990. He is an ANC supporter.

Anthony Holiday

Anthony played a significant role in the production and distribution of underground propaganda for the SACP/ANC and the interview shed light on his trial in Cape Town.


Hassan Ibrahim

Johnny Issel

The interview sheds light on student activities at UWC during the 1970s.


Buyi Jack


Ms. Nombuyiselo Jacobs

Member of Union in Langerberg, Food and Canning.

Yusuf Jacobs


Naseegh Jaffer


Zubeida Jaffer


T. E. Jamangile


Timothy Jantjie

Jantjie is a PAC veteran who spent twenty years on Robben Island

Josiah Jele

Senior member of the ANC especially after the Rivonia arrests. Becomes member of Umkhonto we Sizwe High Command after going into exile in mid-1960s. Experience in Mozambique in mid- to late-1960s attempt to infiltrate SA.


Paul Joemat

Member of the Non-European Unity Movement (NEUM). Involved in establishing SRC at Hewat Training College. Arrested four times and detained at Victor Verster prison. Member of UDF. Involved in rent-boycott. The interview focuses on sports as a means of recruiting youth into the ANC. It also involves the activities of the UDF structures in the Cape Metropolitan area.

Eugene Johnson

Highly active trade unionist in NAAWU, later NUMSA.since 1981. Was active in NUMSA womens forums and liaised with underground activists. Interesting info on gender issues in the unions.

Tryphina Jokweni

‘MaMboxela’, as she is affectionately known, was a member of the ANC Women League during the 1950s. She was heavily involved in the women’s struggles of the late 1950s. She worked in the underground network of the ANC from the early 1960s onwards. There is only one 60-minute tape.

Mrs Joleka


M. Jolingano


Litha Jolobe


Baba Jordan


Bandile Joyi

The interview focuses on the recruitment of students into the liberation movements for military training in Cape Town (APLA).

Brian Jantji Kabini

Mr Mayoyo Kama

Mr Kama is an ANC veteran who was imprisoned on Robben Island for 12 years. He was released in 1976 and went underground in Uitenhage.

Sicelo Kani

Ronnie Kasrils

Early MK activities in Natal, formation of units, role of Bruno Mtolo, role of Elinor Kasrils, formation of propaganda units.


Ahmed Kathrada


Wilson Kayinga (ANC)


Herman Norman Kekana


Zolile Hamilton Keke

Mr Keke was a PAC/Poqo activist, Robben Island prisoner, and member of the PAC in exile. He represented the PAC in the United Kingdom.


Les Kettledas

Regional organizer in the trade unions in PE.


P. Kganare


Podile Kgasago

Ewet Kgoji

Worked underground in the 1970s in the Eastern Cape. In 1976 was a member of the Committee in Worcester during the student uprising.


Elisa Maphuti Kgomo

Elisa Maphuti Kgomo, daughter of a farm tenant, spent all her active life on white farms in back-breaking plantation work in torturous conditions. When Ma Congrese movement became a phenomenon she was an easy recruit for a certain Mr. Matlala responsible for mobilization in the gaMatlala.


Mr. Phillip Kgosana




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