Nedbank Group

National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund:

South African Archives

The Robben-Island Mayibuye Centre Archive

South African Historical Archive at Wits University

Digital Imaging Project of South Africa (DISA) at University of KwaZulu-Natal

Liberation Archives at the University of Fort Hare

Department of Manuscripts and Archives at UCT

South Africa's National Archives

Alan Paton Centre & Struggle Archives
The Alan Paton Centre - Struggle Archives

The web-site of the African National Congress

The Thabo Mbeki Foundation
African Renaissance


Other archives containing material on the anti-apartheid struggle

The British Anti-Apartheid Movement archive

A good site, with lots of overseas anti-apartheid documentation plus posters, buttons, photos, T-shirts, audio and video material. The web includes written and recorded remembrances by anti-apartheid activists including South Africans who were in exile.

African Activist Archive Project -

The Directory of African Activist Archives (Archives List) -

Related Sites on the African Activist Archive Project website


The archival project at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden

For anti-apartheid activities in the former West Germany refer to

The Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa

The American Committee on Africa (ACOA) -

Southern African Documentation and Co-operation Centre

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