Mike Abrahams

The interview sheds light on the plight of a 16 year old during the student uprisings in Bellville High School in Cape Town.


Tina Abrahams

Group interview with Abrahams and a few other factory floor workers in Cadburys, PE who were active in the 1980s. They had clashes with the bosses and the Security branch.



Zachie Ahmat

Student activist, active in the Cape Flats during the 70s, especially the 1976 uprisings.


Mercia Andrews


James April

The interview is about the life of a comrade born in Cape Town, who later joined the ANC’s military wing, MK. He had also been involved in educational structures. James April was born in 1944, in Cape Town. He left the country in 1963 and went to Egypt for military training. In 1971 he was arrested inside the country and served a sentence of imprisonment on Robben Island. On his release he became a teacher in Cape Town until the dawn of a new democracy in South Africa.



Nombulelo April


Mr. Gerard Arends (UDF/ANC)


Kader Asmal

Kader Asmal outlined the factors leading to his involvement in politics and his relationship with Chief Albert Luthuli. He subsequently went to England to continue his studies and joined the Boycott Movement here. He outlined his activities in the Anti-Apartheid Movement and his role in the ANC Constitutional Committee in the 1980s. He also related some of the major issues that arose during the pre- and negotiation process.


Louis Asmal

An anti apartheid activist who spent time as an Honorary Secretary of Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement


Ben Baartman

Took part in Defiance Campaign. He was involved in the events leading to the adoption of the Freedom Charter in Kliptown. He was deported to Mgwavuma.


Ben Baartman, Qhawula and Mpinda


Nontsikelelo Badi


Nowakhe Badi

Nowakhe Badi’s brothers were involved in ANC activities and their home was raided by the Ciskei Defence Force the same night as that of Ngece below. Three people died in this family following the raid.


Thami Badi


Vivian Badi


Patrick Baleka


Mrs. Georgina Bani

Member of Union, Langerberg Food and Canning, and an organizer in the Peninsula area. Chairperson of Women’s League. 1961, organizer of Mrs. Baartman’s funeral. Participated in Pass Campaign, Pretoria. Was banned. Her husband took part in the Defiance Campaign. Involved in march from Zweletemba to Worcester.


Zarena Barends


Alvin Bennie

Mr Bennie is an ANC veteran whose political activities were based around Port Elizabeth. He went into exile in the early 1960s. He was widely known in exile as BB.


Mr Moses Bhengu

Moses Bhengu has been a resident of Sobantu since 1944. He was active in the trade union movement during the 1950s, and he was consequently banned in the early 1960s.

The apartheid state renewed his banning orders every five years until the early 1980s. He became a state witness in the trial of Themba Harry Gwala and others in 1977. He was interviewed with Moses Baloyi at No.347 Prince Alfred Street, Pietermaritzburg, on the 20th December 2000. Two 60-minute tapes have been recorded.




Mrs Biko


Mr. Zolani Biko

Zolani Biko was in Chief Maqoma’s army. Chief Maqoma was at loggerheads with Lennox Sebe and was exiled to the Transkei from 1983 to 1990 when Sebe was toppled by Qgozo.

Since the Msobomvu village was under his leadership, Maqoma set about recruiting young men from the village to be trained in the Transkei to help overthrow Sebe. His army in the Transkei was known as Isolomzi, the eye that keeps watch on the homestead.



Dr EV Blackie


Mrs AC Bloem


Major Bobelo


Vuyani Bobotyana

Mr Bobotyana is a PAC veteran
who was sent to Robben Island for his involvement in Poqo activities.



Kebareng Bogopane


Solly Bokaba


Ms. Nomvo Booi (PAC)

Ms Booi is a PAC veteran. She served a prison sentence for PAC activities and went into exile in 1981


Moloko Boshomane


Pik Botha

Foreign Minister of apartheid SA for a very long time. Interview is about the internal workings of the National Party, the government, and events throughout the course of his involvement in government such as South Africa’s interventions in the Angolan


Dorothy Brits

Sebokeng Resident, Former Student Representative



Bennie Bunsie


Brian Bunting


Mary Burton

Active member of the Black SASH in Cape Town during the 1950s and 60s.


Sipho Buthelezi


Moulvi Cachalia


Amien Cajee


Fred Carneson

The interview sheds light on Fred’s political activities. Decided to join the Communist Part at the tender age of 15-16, during the 1940s.


Stephen and Margaret Carolus

The interview provides information about the exile mission of the anti apartheid struggle in Canada and the United States during the 1960s.



Moki Cekisani


Collins Chabane


Mr L Chaka


Mr Thamsanqa Chatha

Mr Thamsanqa Chatha was one of the founder members of COSAS in his village in the Eastern Cape. He played an active role in village politics in the turbulent early 1990s.


Janet Cherry

Revolutionary/ MK underground/ UDF/ NUSAS/ECALP/ ECC/ IDASA/ Detained 3 times, sometimes in solitary confinement, once for about a year.



Tlou T Cholo


Renfrew Christie


Dot Clemenshaw

The interview sheds light on the
role of women in the struggle for liberation – focuses on women’s
organizations and the Black Sash



George Colidiza

Member of the ANC Youth League in the 1950s. Became chairman of local Youth League branch. His father took part in the Defiance Campaign in 1952. Union member at Hextex. Detained in 1960 for 3 years.



Di Cooper


Linda Cooper


Saths Cooper


Robin Phillip Cranko


Sholto Cross


Madoda Cuphe

The interview sheds light on the plight of the generation of the 1960s in Langa. Deals with issues around education, that was mainly under the auspices of missionaries, and gives insight into the kind of political thinking the system created.



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