The Road to Democracy in South Africa, Volume 3, International Solidarity

South African Democracy Education Trust

Vol 3


Foreword : By Essop Pahad

Preface : pdf
Notes on Contributors
Sponsorship and Donations

Part 1

Chapter 1 pdf
By Gregory Houston

Chapter 2
The United Nations and the struggle for liberation in South Africa
By Enuga S. Reddy

Chapter 3
The International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
By Al Cook

Chapter 4
In the heart of the beast:
The British Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1959–1994
By Christabel Gurney

Chapter 5
The Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement
By Louise and Kader Asmal with Thomas Alberts

Chapter 6
Sweden and the Nordic countries: Official solidarity
and assistance from the West
By Tor Sellström

Chapter 7
From Jan van Riebeeck to solidarity with the struggle:
The Netherlands, South Africa and apartheid
By Sietse Bosgra

Chapter 8
Anti-apartheid activity in the European Community and
selected West European countries

Part 1 The European Community and apartheid:
Minimal effective pressure
By Sietse Bosgra

Part 2 Austria and South Africa during apartheid
By Walter Sauer

Part 3 The anti-apartheid struggle in Belgium as perceived by the
Comité Contre le Colonialisme et l’Apartheid
By Paulette Pierson-Mathy

Part 4 Hoera vir die Boer hoera! Pro- and anti-apartheid struggles in
Flanders and Belgium
By Jan Vanheukelom

Part 5 France–South Africa 667
By Sietse Bosgra, Jacqueline Derens and Jacques Marchand

Part 6 A history of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in the
Federal Republic of Germany
By Gottfried Wellmer

Part 7 Italy, ‘beneficiary’ of the apartheid regime, and its internal
By Cristiana Fiamingo

Part 8 Switzerland and apartheid: The Swiss Anti-Apartheid Movement
By Peter Leuenberger

Part 9 Other Mediterranean countries: Spain, Portugal, Greece
By Sietse Bosgra

Part 10 The Liaison Group of Anti-Apartheid Movements in the EC
By Sietse Bosgra

Part 11 AWEPAA: European activists–politicians against apartheid
By Peter Sluiter and Sietse Bosgra

Part 2

Chapter 9
Anti-apartheid solidarity in United States–South African relations:
From the margins to the mainstream
By William Minter and Sylvia Hill

Chapter 10
Canadian solidarity with South Africa’s liberation struggle
By Joan Fairweather

Chapter 11 pdf
The anti-apartheid movements in Australia and
Aotearoa/New Zealand
By Peter Limb

Chapter 12 pdf
‘There is no threat from the Eastern Bloc’
By Vladimir Shubin with Marina Traikova

Chapter 13 pdf
The German Democratic Republic and the
South African liberation struggle
By Hans-Georg Schleicher

Chapter 14
Cuba: The little giant against apartheid
By Hedelberto López Blanch

Chapter 15
China’s support for and solidarity with South Africa’s
liberation struggle
By Zhong Weiyun and Xu Sujiang

Chapter 16
Solidarity: India and South Africa
By Vijay Gupta
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