Volume 9Road to Democracy In South Africa Volume 9
published by Unisa Press is available.


Power and authority of African women in Southern Africa and the African Diaspora during precolonial times.


Chapter 1

African Women, Power and Authority in Pre-colonial and Colonial times: some thoughts By Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu and Manelisi Genge

Chapter 2

Textile Techno-Tales of the African Diaspora: History of Textile Technology from the Optic of Enslaved Women By Geri Augusto

Chapter 3

Using oral traditions and izaga/ proverbs to unpack the gender oppression theory on "pre-colonial" history in south-eastern Africa By Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu

Chapter 4

Women and political and ritual leadership in Africa since 1800: The Modjadji Rain Queens of Bolobedu By Sekibakiba P. Lekgoathi

Chapter 5

Gender Relations, Women and Politics among the ‘Transvaal Ndebele’, ca. 1500s to the early 1900s By Sekibakiba P. Lekgoathi

Chapter 6

Warrior Queen Mmanthatisi of the Batlokoa in Pre-colonial southern Africa: A Re-appraisal of her Power, Dominance and Leadership Qualities By Chitja Twalai

Chapter 7

Queen Mother Sutu MaMthembu Rharhabe and her rise to power By Nomathamsanqa Tisani

Chapter 8

Queen Regent Sutu: Women and the anti-colonial struggle for land and independence By Nomathamsanqa Tisani

Chapter 9

Queen Mother Labotsibeni Gwamile Mdluli and the Shifting Roles in Swazi Power Relations in Colonial Times By Manelisi Genge

Chapter 10

Queen Regent Labotsibeni in colonial politics, c1904-1921 By Manelisi Genge



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